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Global Blockchain Challenge

As a leading champion of blockchain technology in China, China Wanxiang Group is building an ambitious smart city project of energy innovation in Hangzhou, and a Low-Carbon Model Smart Town in Quzhou, both in Zhejiang Province. Wanxiang's goal is to build the world's first smart city infrastructure running on blockchain in its very fabric, integrating technology innovations that include cloud computing, big data, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

With the Global Blockchain Challenge, Wanxiang invited blockchain teams from a diverse range of backgrounds, be it start-up, multinational or even like-minded group of volunteers and enthusiasts, to submit their best application scenarios of originality and feasibility. The winning projects will be implemented, with Wanxiang support, in the aforementioned platforms in Hangzhou and Quzhou, with potential of global promotion sponsored by Wanxiang, based on performance in the trial run.

Wanxiang has provided 5 application categories for this Global Challenge, including 3 in distributed energy infrastructure, and 2 in smart manufacturing.

Scene 1: Wanxiang Innova City

Wanxiang Innova City is dedicated to new energies and smart city innovations, and the main theater for the deployment of blockchain application scenarios. It is located on the south shore of Qiantang River at the heart of Greater Hangzhou Bay Area. Wanxiang Group plans to invest RMB 200 Billion over 5 years, starting from 2017, in this ambitious project of 9 square kilometers. Wanxiang's ultimate goal is to build a smart city where 90,000 people will study, research, work, and reside. Unlike a traditional city with new technology added incrementally, at Innova City cutting edge technology will be embedded in the fabric of its physical and data infrastructure from the very planning stage, enabling bolder innovations and ground-breaking experimentations. Among other things, Wanxiang Innova City is to be the first digitalized city running on a secure and versatile cloud infrastructure enabled by blockchain. Incorporating artificial intelligence, IoT and cognitive computing on the edge, Innova City pioneers the next stage of urban intelligence that provides smart services, smart residence, and smart transportation, and covers the full life-cycle of research, incubation, conversion, production, and operation relating to these applications.

The Global Blockchain Challenge of application scenario is a first excercise of Open Innovation Ecosystem that serves Wanxiang's broader Innovation and Entrepreneurship platform. Future blockchain application scenarios in Wanxiang innovative energy city include distributed energy system, sharing economy model for vehicle use (where resident identification and the identification of electric vehicles will be recorded on a common ledger), the tracking and recycling of battery assets for EV and energy storage, smart factory floor management, V2V and V2I communication in smart transportation, and smart community services.

Scene 2: Low-Carbon Model Smart Town In Quzhou

The 3 square kilometers township is located in Hangbu Town, within Kecheng District of Quzhou Municipality in Zhejiang Province. The preparation stage of this 6 billion RMB project will start from 2017 to 2019. So far, the town and its surrounding areas have attracted a diverse range of photovoltaic projects on industrial land, corporate building, resident housing, and agricultural land, as well as large-scale natural-gas power plant, and hydroelectric station. Rounding up the infrastructure are an urban data center and leading-edge heat-treatment facilities, centers of logistic and storage facilities, and charging infrastructure for transportation system under planning. Energy infrastructures like micro-grid, electricity distribution network, heating network, compressed air network are being designed by companies from the project's industrial technology alliance. In this Low-Carbon Model Smart Town, Wanxiang will lead the exploration of blockchain application scenarios regarding distributed energy exchange and transaction in the town's own energy grid.

This Is Our Challenge

Power Grid Infrastructures Management

Distributed Dispatch Mechanism For Power Grid Infrastructures

The system should replace the traditional centralized dispatch mechanism for regional power gird with distributed intelligent decision-making, in order to promote the disintermediation in power grid infrastructure, and thus to increase safety and reliability for regional power gird and to reduce the construction cost of infrastructure.

Electricity Trading

Distributed Energy Trading System

In this category we tap blockchain innovation in user terminals and exchange network. We invite teams to develop a P2P energy trading system for distributed energy grid and medium- and low-load energy users.


Hardware Solution Supporting High-Performance Blockchain Application

Develop hardware architecture of a smart terminal that is able to run high performance blockchain application. The terminal should support the function of traditional smart watt-hour meter and intelligent housing gateway while running blockchain application (high performance energy blockchain included) and generating various forms of smart contract.

An Exchange Platform

For Intellectual Properties In Technology

Based on blockchain technology, such system should provide solution for storing and sharing information related to the access, sharing and trading of scientific and technological assets.

Full Life-Cycle Management System

For Batteries Based On Blockchain Technology

A distributed battery database system based on blockchain technology, generating and storing data of battery usage and condition, will be used as a solution for trust-worthy, secure and commercially viable full-life-cycle management of batteries as assets across a diverse range of usages.

Application Procedure

Application Deadline by 30th, June, 2017.

You should download and fill the "Application Form" and send it to application@wxblockchain.com, by June 30th, 2017, in order to apply.

Your proposals (.doc or .docx within 5 pages+ Demo) should be sent to the same mailbox by August 15th. The review of the proposals will be then conducted by the Selection Committee. The final results will be announced, and awards granted, during the Shanghai Global Blockchain Summit 2017 in September 14th to September 16th.

Selection Criteria:

a) It will be scored on the completion of the performance outcome.
b) For the software systems, it will be scored on the following areas: the merits of software technical route, the external open and performance level of software architecture, the expertise of software deployment and management, as well as the stability of operation and the reliability of maintenance, etc.
c) For the hardware systems, it will be scored on the following areas: the merits of hardware technical route, the external open level of hardware architecture, the suitability of smart energy system, cost control capability, as well as the rational man-machine interface, etc.
d) For the design of hardware architecture, it will be scored on the completeness of the word document, the overall thoughts, the graphic level, as well as the readability and implementation of your proposal.
e) The Selection Committee, composed of world-class industry experts, will conduct in an open and fair way.


Each category offers a Grand Prize of $15,000, a Second Prize of $10,000 and a Third Prize of $5000, with cash or equivalent digital currency as reward. An angle investment of up to USD 1 Million will be rewarded to the project(s) with proven commercial deployment potential.

The winning teams will have the priority to attend Wangxiang Chainbase Accelerator II battalion. The proposals of the winning teams will have the priority to be settled on WanCloud (BaaS) Platform.

A) Power Grid Infrastructures Management:
An angel investment of $1,000,000 will be provided for trial promotion and accelerator services of R & D projects.

B) Electricity Trading:
An angel investment of $1,000,000 will be provided for trial promotion and accelerator services of R & D projects.

C) Smart Terminal
An incubation fund of $100,000 will be first provided; a follow-up angel investment of $1,500,000 will be provided for trial promotion and accelerator services of R & D projects.

Selection Committee

Vitalik Buterin Chief Scientist of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, the inventor and co-founder of Ethereum;
Jed McCaleb Co-founder and CTO of Stellar, also the founder of Ripple and eDonkey.                    
Bo Shen The initiator of Wanxiang's Blockchain Labs, co-founder of Fenbushi Capital, co-founder of BitShares.
Shuo Bai Former chief engineer of Shanghai stock exchange, also director of the technical committee of ChinaLedger.